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Without help, the cycles of addiction can keep people trapped for years in what often begins as the hope of a temporary high. Drug Treatment Centers in Fort Lee have leading rehabilitation facilities with years of experience helping patients find their way out of this trap. Although becoming addicted often seems to occur effortlessly, getting out is not an easy or quick. Recovering from addiction at Drug Treatment Centers Fort Lee, however, is a comprehensive process that treats the person and surrounding issues that contribute or perpetuate addiction.

The staff at Drug Treatment Centers in Fort Lee include a team of multidisciplinary, board-certified doctors, psychiatrists, psychologists, nurses, nutritionists and various other health technicians. These caring professionals are invested in creating a healthy environment that enhances the recovery process.

One of the primary goals at Drug Treatment Centers Fort Lee is to provide you with an intervention program that meets your specific needs. They recognize that many patients experience emotional turbulence during the rehabilitation process especially if they have not let go of the false assumptions that have stigmatized people in addiction for years. Many of their medical professionals have experienced the horrors of addiction and truly understand what you are going through. As such, they provide a compassionate level of care that maintains your dignity and communicates a high respect for our patrons. Find help looking for a rehab facility that meets all your needs in Fort Lee at (877) 804-1531.

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Drug Rehab Facilities in Fort Lee

Treatment Interventions

The first question many people ask when they are exploring treatment programs for addiction is how soon they can expect to recover. Duration of treatment is determined by a number of variables including...

  1. Which stage of the addiction process the person is in
  2. How long they have been in addiction
  3. The type and chemical composition of the drug(s) of addiction
  4. Current physical and psychological status of the patient
  5. How committed the patient is the recovery process

These are further impacted by the treatment option chosen by the patient. Patients in long-term addiction who opt for outpatient treatment may take a much longer time to recover. Inpatient/Residential Treatment programs can be anywhere from 28 days to 90 days or more. Studies are conclusive about the long-term benefits of residential rehab which includes...

  1. The patient is able to immerse themselves into the recovery process
  2. It eliminates outside distractions.
  3. Removes substance abuse opportunities and triggers.
  4. Provides around the clock monitoring of delayed withdrawal symptoms.
  5. Enables continuity in psychological and biomedical observations following drug detox.
  6. More time to allow for re-education and behavioral changes to be established.
  7. Facilitates extensive review of the patient's life situations and environmental triggers.
  8. Support and enable the development new behavior patterns and coping skills.
  9. Allows for adequate preparation for reintegration into everyday life.

Based on a study published in the Archives of General Psychiatry, patients who stayed in a residential treatment program for ninety days or more were less likely to relapse than those who participated in an outpatient treatment program. Recidivism rates also decreased incrementally, based on the length of the treatment period.

Fort Lee residents with long-term addiction seeking help for addiction from our treatment centers are encouraged to participate in our inpatient/residential treatment. Call Drug Treatment Centers Fort Lee today at (877) 804-1531 to learn about treatment options.

About Fort Lee

Fort Lee is a New Jersey borough that is situated at the top of the Hudson Palisades. It's part of the New York City Metropolitan area in Bergen County. Fort Lee is noted for being a military camp during the Revolutionary War. Fort Lee is best known for its part in the annals of American History books. The area was named after General Charles Lee following George Washington's retreat which began along Main Street in Fort Lee. These events are commemorated at Monument Park and Fort Lee Historic Park. Much later, Fort became the birthplace of the American film industry.


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