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Drug and alcohol detoxes use prescribed medications that are administered under supervision of a health professional to remove addictive substances from the body in a safe way. After a medical detox is completed and the body is rid of the substances, physical drug and alcohol cravings are not present and treatment can begin.

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How Does Medical Detox Work?

Breaking the connection between physical dependence and substances is done within a safe and sanitary environment in a rehabilitation center. The use of prescribed medications to slowly eliminate illicit substances from the body by replacing the illicit substances with those imitating their effects make a detox effective. Physical drug cravings cease once the detox is in progress. Information on the necessary follow-up treatment is given.

Medications are also given to alleviate any withdrawal symptoms. The process is slow and controlled to avoid any shock to the body that occurs with an abrupt stop. Minimizing health complications, reducing pain and decreasing the chances of medical emergencies are all advantages of detoxing under medical supervision.

Each person's body is different on how it will handle a detox and medical emergencies can occur quickly that are dangerous and possibly lethal. It is dangerous to detox at home, as these medical emergencies will have no trained staff to handle them. In addition, prescribed medications to alleviate withdrawal symptoms are not available when detoxing at home, as there is no medical staff present to administer the meds.

The safest and recommended way to detox is in a residential treatment center. Medical supervision is important to ensure safety. Qualified medical professionals can deal with any emergencies. What symptoms will manifest and how severe they will be are unpredictable factors in detox. Medical professionals can deal with these factors as the situations arise. An at-home detox is not recommended for health and safety reasons.

Withdrawal Symptoms by Drug

Each substance has a unique set of withdrawal symptoms:

  • Alcohol: Shakiness, agitation, nausea, headache, elevated heart rate, sweats, irritability, disorientation, insomnia, vivid dreams
  • Methamphetamine: Agitation, insomnia, drug cravings, hostility, itchy skin, aggressiveness, paranoia, sadness
  • Heroin: Sweats, tiredness, anxiety, depressive thoughts, agitation, tearing eyes, runny nose, insomnia, fatigue, flu-like symptoms, abdominal and stomach soreness
  • OxyContin: Drowsiness, dilated pupils, abdominal cramping, sweats

What Types of Detox Programs Exist?

The main types of detox programs are detoxing from alcohol or from drugs. Each type of detoxification plan uses different medications to control symptoms. Depending on the type of drug, different medications are used to help a person clean their body out safely. Another detox protocol is nutritional supplements given intravenously for health benefits. Additionally, doctors may use the following medications to help treat withdrawal:

  • Neurontin helps reduce symptoms of alcohol withdrawal.
  • Naltrexone is used for both alcohol and opioid detoxes. It helps alcohol abusers decrease the number of relapses and levels of drinking. It helps opiate addicted persons by neutralizing the effects of opiates.
  • Bupropion is an antidepressant. Since depression is common during an opiate detox, this drug will help a person stay on the road to recovery by not being tempted to use substances to alleviate depression.

Why is a Residential Detoxification Recommended?

A medical detoxification is not a successful treatment unless it is followed up by other services. A relapse will ensue if a medical detox is the only treatment available. Treatment needed includes group and individual counseling, behavioral therapy, replenishment of nutrients and aftercare relapse prevention services. These services are all available in a residential treatment center.

Reputable drug treatment centers offer medical detox, therapy, and treatment services. They also develop a comprehensive aftercare program for each person treated. You or a loved one do not have to continue to suffer with alcohol or drug addiction.

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