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Fort Lee Detox Center

Information about the Fort Lee Detox Center Process and its Importance...   According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, a medical detox is defined as a process which safely manages the physical withdrawal symptoms caused by abstaining from the use of drugs and/or alcohol. Medical detox ... Read More

Teenage Drug Abuse Facts

Get In The Know: Teenage Drug Abuse Facts ...   In today's society, teenage drug abuse is not an uncommon thing, it's just not talked about often. Nonetheless, teenage drug abuse is an ongoing issue in the United States. Teenagers are using drugs just as much as any other age group. This age g... Read More

Crystal Meth Lab Found In New Jersey Apartment

A Bergen County man was charged with maintaining a crystal meth production facility in his apartment. Police recovered about 11 ounces of crystal meth, more than 160 oxycodone pills and more than 220 other prescription pills, along with narcotics production equipment, from John Howlett's apartment a... Read More

Drug Treatment Is a Gift: Fort Lee

Unlike cancer, or other sicknesses where patients will go anywhere and do anything to get better an addict must want to get better in order to recover and an addict will carry their substance abuse with them forever. There is no pill or machine that can cure an addict but there is treatment and reha... Read More

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